Marriage Licence Requirements

Province of Ontario.

City of London Licence Fee (as of June 20, 2013) The licence fee is $135.00, taxes included (cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard).

Alternate Locations and Fees for Marriage Licenses: Ilderton $125,  Strathroy $100,  Dorchester $ 115,  Alymer $95

Blood Tests

Not required in Ontario prior to the issuance of a Marriage License

Both Signatures Required

The Marriage License Application form must be completed and signed by both parties to the marriage (the applicant and the joint applicant).

Marriage Licence Application

The form will only be accepted by completing and signing the application and taking it in person to an Ontario Marriage License Issuer. The Marriage License application is available as a pdf document as is the listing of Accepted I.D. for Marriage Licenses. (  To view and print this type of file you need a program such as Adobe  Reader. This software is available free of charge and can be obtained Adobe.

The marriage license application is the copyrighted property of the Queen’s Printer for Ontario.

Obtaining License When One Party Is Absent

One party to the marriage (either the bride or the groom) may submit the completed application form to the City Clerk’s Office in order to obtain the Marriage License, provided that a primary and secondary piece of identification is submitted. The listing of Accepted I.D. for Marriage Licences is available as a pdf document.  Note:  Identification presented must be ORIGINAL.  This identification must be provided for both individuals.  A certified translator must translate documents in a language other than English or French.

Applicants Age 16 and 17

Applicants age 16 and 17 must have the consent of their parents. Further information with respect to these situations is available from the City Clerk’s Office.

Widowed Applicants

Applicants who are widowed are not required to provide proof of the death of their spouse.

Divorced Applicants

Within Canada: Applicants who have been divorced within Canada are required to produce either the original or a certified copy of the Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce. Certification may be obtained through the Courts.

Outside Canada: Applicants who have been divorced outside of Canada are required to follow a different process in order to ensure that their divorce is honoured in this Country. Further information on this divorce process can be found on the Provincial website at

Three Month Validity

Once issued, the Marriage Licence is valid for three months and may be used at any location within the Province of Ontario.

Wedding Ceremony Planning

Wedding Songs

When choosing songs, select ones that have meaning to each of you. Suggestions are plentiful and available through books or on the internet.

Feel free to utilize sacred or secular music to reflect yourselves.

Typically this is when music is played at weddings.

  • Prelude music: Played prior to the ceremony, while guests are arriving.
  • Entrance of the Wedding Party: Played during the time the family, bridal party, and the bride walk down the aisle.
  • Interlude music (optional): The songs played during the ceremony or when signing the register.
  • Exit of the Wedding Party: Music played as the new couple and those in the wedding party exit down the aisle.

Ceremony Order

This is an outline of a typical Wedding Service; it can be personalized to make it uniquely reflect your love.

  1. Musical Prelude / Guest Arrival Music
  2. Entrance of the Wedding Party
  3. Welcome / Opening Words
  4. Readings: 1 or 2 is appropriate although optional
  5. Wedding Message
  6. Affirmation of Families/ Guests
  7. Vows
  8. Rings
  9. Sign License  (Music/Photos)
  10. Closing Words/Announcements
  11. Declaration
  12. Kiss
  13. Presentation of Couple
  14. Exit of the Wedding Party

Items highlighted in bold are the ceremony components that are legally necessary to validate a wedding.