A Perfect Day: Lindsay and Todd

Many girls have that dream about their perfect wedding; what their dress will look like, who will be their Maid of Honour, what colours will the attendants be in, what songs will be played, and more… but how many of us have put any thought into who would marry us? For some people, they’ve always known they would be married in their place of worship, but for others like me, I hadn’t given it much thought. When I started planning my wedding for real, it became a very important decision for my future husband and I to consider.

We wanted someone who would help us reflect our beliefs and values in addition to allowing us to create the ceremony that best represented our personalities. Thankfully, I had been introduced to Maureen several years before, and as soon as her name was mentioned, I knew it was a perfect match for us!

Maureen made the process easy and flexible, and guided us through the whole process – the decisions were ours to make, but she was always present to guide us through the process so we weren’t left wondering if we were on the right track.

I would highly recommend Pond Side Ministries for any ceremony you are planning. You will receive the greatest of care!